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Hordes: Trollbloods in Exigence

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Oct 25 2014

Let’s talk some more about Exigence. This time it’s Trollbloods in the spotlight.



We’ll start off with the new Troll Warlock. Borka2’s rules have been running around on line since he was released early at Lock and Load. None of the reactions to him have exactly been positive, but with Exigence in hand, I think he starts to make more sense. Now we can see him in light of some other new releases, as well as his theme list. He can save you enough points on cavalry models that having to take a Winter Troll doesn’t seem like quite as much of an imposition. The loss of the Keg Bearer is also softened by the fact that he can begin the game with two of his upkeeps in play. And now that we have the rules for the new Northkin Fire Eaters, his feat makes a bit more sense. I’m still pretty sure the Borkster isn’t a top tier troll ‘lock, but now at least I can see a solid strategy for him emerging in my mind.

So what about those new Northkin Fire Eaters then huh? These guys seem pretty neat for 4 points. They have a nice high SPD with Assault along with some AD to let you threaten with them where they’re needed most. If you really need to lay down the hurt, some careful positioning will allow you to have one model set the unit on fire – even after an Assault – to let you get those boosted attack and damage rolls. You probably won’t kill them…

The other new Trollkin unit also looks like a ton of fun. I am really excited about the new Highwaymen. They have CRA and can each make two pistol shots per turn. If you can position the unit properly that can net you two POW 20 shots per turn, 10 RAT 7 POW 12 shots per turn, or anything in beteen. I only wish they could have had Point Blank instead of Gunfighter so they could take advantage of War Cry, but they are a fairly inexpensive unit at 5/8 so I guess that’s what they call game balance.

Besides, the Highwaymen have a new solo to help them out. Braylen Wanderheart will give them Opportunist, so if you’re sneaky enough to maneuver them into an opponent’s back arc, they’ll get boosted Attack and Damage rolls. And since Braylen has that ability herself – as well as Run and Gun, she’s worth taking on her own as a serious nuisance piece. She seems just a tad pricey at 3 points, but she has a full eight Hit Boxes to make it easier to swallow.

That just leaves us with Dozer and Smigs. These guys have been out long enough that most people have probably made up their own opinions about them. Personally I love how much more exciting they make Gunnbjorn and Blitzers. Of course they can add to the Troll ranged game in any list but they also do particularly well with the Grims. I think they’re just right at nine points. Any more would have been too much to charge.

~How do you think these new releases stack up Trollblood players?

Ben Williams
  • Hordes: Trollkin Runeshapers