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Outside the Box 10-24-14

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Oct 24 2014

Hello everybody and welcome to another issue of Outside the Box. This week we have new Infinity previews, the official Malifaux terrain range, the worst scum of the (X-Wing) universe and much more – Enjoy!

It’s your last chance to get on board of the Afterlife: Shards of Liberty Kickstarter!

-> More Anvil Industry News

New previews have been published by Studio Girladez:

 -> More Infinity News 

Creature Caster
New previews of the Demons have been published:

-> More Creature Caster News

Wyrd Miniatures is teaming up with PlastCraft Games for an official Malifaux terrain line:

Ninja Division

New miniatures for Relic Knights are available:

Two new Chaos characters have been released:

New Sidekicks for Wild West Exodus are available:


A new preview of the X-Wing Most Wanted Expansion has been published:

Guild Ball  
Guild Ball shows new previews:

This week the Doom Bikers and the Hornet Jetfighter have been released:

Wave 21 kicks off with Souta and Sloth for the Cult of Yurei:

The Peace River Mustang is now available for pre-orders:


A massive new Orc Warchief has been released:

Warlord Games
This week we saw a lot of new stuff:
Additionally, the next supplement for Black Powder is up for pre-orders:
And more plastic tanks are on the way – including the Puma, Tiger and T-34/76!
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White Dragon Miniatures   
Believe it or not, this miniature is 15mm scale!

And Slow Death Games announced a new range called “Wild in the Streets”:

–> More Slow Death Games News

And new crowdfunding campaigns: 

Crazy Bricks – Bricks of the MOUSE GUARD for your Miniature Figures
Sebastian Bauer – Cyntopia Boardgame
HELVETIA Games – HELVETIA Cup+5 expansions
Dragon Forge Design – Ancient Ruins II Base Series
Marco Sano – Bestial Wars 12mm miniature wargame
Nth Degree Logic – Wireless Power Board Game Terrain & Miniature Lighting 
Dream Pod 9 – Heavy Gear Blitz War for Terra Nova Starter Set 

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

The more plastic tanks I have to choose from the better!

Tabletop Fix
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