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Outside the Box 10-31-14

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Oct 31 2014

Happy Halloween! This week we have a lot of new stuff from Spartan Games plus new releases for Infinity, Warlord Games, Knight Models and heaps of previews!

The December releases will offer something for everyone:

-> More Spartan Games News 

Knight Models
New superheroes are available from Knight Models!

-> More Knight Models News

This week we have the usual mix of new releases with a slight focus on terrain:

Additionally, a new NuHU character for Beyond the Gates of Antares has been revealed:

Here we have the newest addition to Infinity:

-> More Infinity News 

The first wave of official Malifaux terrain will be available next week:

Dark Age Games

This week we saw a new teaser picture:

The first Tablescape sets will be released on monday:

A new artwork for Wild West Exodus has been published:

Mantic Games showed the DreadBall Xtreme free agents and sponsors and an intersting new artwork for Kings of War:

Mierce Miniatures  
The newest preview for Darklands is Uhtred on horse:

Puppetswar released a new Radar Station and announced a new line of trucks:

-> More Puppetswar News

A new artwork for Bushido has been published: Rashka the Devastator

For some reason Easy Eights are quite popular at the moment 😉

ClearHorizon Miniatures 

New 15mm SciFi vehicles are on their way:

A 1/100th scale T-28 tank will be available soon:

And for friends of the less martial and more idyllic sceneries:  check out the new Eureka Miniatures releases:

–> More Eureka Miniatures News

And new crowdfunding campaigns:

Oathsworn Miniatures – Sci-fi Wargames Robots
Mad Mitch’s Games – WWII Assault Tactical Skirmish Combat
Ramshackle Games – Minimus Squat’s Bounty Hunter Crew 
Minion Miniatures – The Monsters of Underdeep 

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

These new Puppetswar Trucks look amazing!

Tabletop Fix
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