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Tutorials: How to Paint Terminators and Genestealers from Space Hulk

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Oct 7 2014
Today Garfy hooks us up with three free, detailed photo tutorials for the models included in the Space Hulk Boxset and a bonus model. 

I’m a big fan of sharing the painting knowledge and people who know me will already know of the large amount of tutorials I’ve produced for Tale of Painters. I wanted to link you lovely people of BOLS to them as well. They’re totally free, no sign up or registration required. No catch. I create them because I enjoy it. 
How to Paint Blood Angel Space Hulk Terminators

How to Paint Deathwing from Dark Vengeance
(The Deathwing had an expansion box set of their own in the 1980s).

Hope you like this guide, be sure to join Tale of Painters, what tutorials would you like to see in the future? 

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