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WFB BREAKING: Hello Glotkin (& MaggotLords)!

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Oct 13 2014

Glotkin’s miniatures is spotted.  Come take a look.  Grandfather Nurgle approves!

via Starplayer

OK, it’s a giant worm-ape-rotting-Nurgle thingy.  I approve.  I can already imagine the 50 pages of text in EndTimes two that describes the Nagash/Glotkin “Rumble in the Jungle”.

I wonder if he eats Archaon?


via Warseer’s Archibald_TK 10-13-2014

In the next WD:
– New box akin to the Mortarchs, allowing to create 3 special Nurgle characters mounted what appear to happen when you cross a giant ape and a very aggressive worm, rules included in the WD.

That’s the only release for that week…

if you liked the Blight Kings, then you’ll find the new ones awesome. If I remember correctly they’re called something like Maggot Lords (I’m not even sure, see how efficient my memory is?)

Also I don’t play WFB so I have no idea what I’m reading when it comes to rules. I just remember one of them can spit and it works like a catapult, 24″ S3(4) ignore armors. They’re lords and their prices all tend to float around the 400pts mark.
EDIT- Oh and also like the Mortarchs it’s a unique profile for them and their mount.

~What do you think of it?

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