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WOW – Glottkin is Amazing & Adorable Nurglings!

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Oct 23 2014

Glottkin is only hours away from your credit card – the allure of Nurgle is strong…

pics from L’Astropate, Spikeybits,  Warseer & all over…

First off, look at the original poster artwork that emerged last week:

Then compare it to the box and model shot doing the rounds:

Sizewise, I think this is roughly on par with an Imperial Knight and yet another army centerpiece for a Fantasy faction.  This gives us the pattern of each End Times book being wrapped around the adventures of a single centerpiece model. If the “Khaine” rumor pans out – OH MY!

Also, that little Nurgling in the lower left corner is adorable!

~ Suck it Altdorf – the Brothers Glott are coming for you!


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