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40K: BLOOD ANGELS – So Many Rumors!

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Nov 30

If you missed the tidal wave of Blood Angels rumors over the weekend, check out everything that’s breaking on the Sons of Sanguinius.

Collected from here at BoLS and Faeit 

First off the new lineup for December 13th: 

Codex: Blood Angels hardback 112 pages $49.50
Blood Angels Tactical Squad 10 miniatures $43
Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest 1 miniature $30
Datacards: Blood Angels 7 psychic powers 36 tactical objectives $10
Sons of Sanguinius: A Blood Angels Painting Guide paperback 176pgs $33
Blood Angels Dice available while stocks last 10 dice in tin $17
Mephiston Red Spray basecoat $18
Codex: Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard Edition slipcase with prints and accessories online only $165

Smaug 1 miniature online only $490
Bard the Bowman with Windlance 1 miniature $40
Lake-Town Militia Captain 1 miniature $20
Lake-Town Militia Swordsmen 3 miniatures $25
Lake-town Militia Bowmen 3 miniatures $25
Lake-Town Militia Spearmen 3 miniatures $25

Horus Heresy: Legacies of Betrayal hardback 448pgs $30
Horus Heresy; Garro- Shield of Lies audio drama $29.95

Heart of Rage audio drama $15

Deathstorm Info:

Captain Karlean WS6 @150pts
Terminator Armour with Iron Halo, Storm Bolter
– Relic of Baal: Melee, Concussive, Master-crafted, Specialist Weapon, Unwieldy.
– Strategic Genius: +1 seize the initiative, and can re-roll any reserve roll

Children of Cryptus: 8 Genestealers and the Spawn of Cryptus for a little over 200pts.

Spawn of Cryptus: T5 with 3 wounds and has preferred enemy and has rending claws. 
– Infiltrate, Fleet, Move Through Cover, and Stealth. 
– Lvl 1 psyker; The Horror, Dominion.

New Characters & Wargear:

New Character Forgot to add that there’s a new sculpt for a special character coming in plastic as well. From the description I received it sounds like Dante

Blood Angels: Quickening
Primaris power. Its a blessing that effects either the psyker or another character within 12″. The target gains fleet, d3 initiative and attacks. Roll once and apply both the result to both initiative and attacks. Warp Charge 1

Blood Talons: Sx2 AP2 Melee, Shred, and Specialist weapon.

Magna Grapples: Move Through Cover, and you can re-roll failed charges when assaulting a vehicle.

Lots more Blood Angels very soon…

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