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BREAKING: Chapterhouse Studios Re-Opens!

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Nov 24 2014

Fresh from their recent settlement with Games Workshop, it appears that Chapterhouse Studios is back.
Nick from CHS posted up late Friday night on their Facebook page the following;

Conversion Kit for StormRaven – up for sale


Wanted to put a note out there that our website is back up and selling again. I have a lot of ground to make up since I was down for a couple of months. I hope to have new defense lines up as well as some new products as well. I also wish to thank those who supported us during this 4 year legal battle and hope I can continue to sell you all products you can use in your wargaming. Thank you!

Nick – Chapterhouse Studios LLC
Tervigon kit – no where to be seen

Their retail store is indeed back open for business, however it looks like a few key items have been removed (like the Tervigon upgrade kit). So it seems the precedence is set for what every other 3rd party company can call their products in regards for copyright terms. I’m sure we’ll see more from other indy manufacturers in the near future as well. But for now plenty of great products available for sale, so go check it out! Chapterhouse does have quite a number of thier old kits back up all clearly labeled as being add-ons for specific Games Workshop kits.

Super-heavy walker kit – up for sale
Both companies are back in business after 4 years, and it looks like the legal system worked.

What will you buy now that they are open again?


Author: Robert B
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