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End Times BREAKING: 9th Edition & Beyond!

Nov 28 2014

Today’s news hitting the tubes about everyone’s favorite apocalyptic series from Games Workshop.  Come see:

via Steve the Warboss 11-28-2014

Warhammer Endtimes/9th Edition Latest

-Endtimes will become more than 4 Book
-The last Books will maybe released after the 9th Edition
-Empire will be the first Armybook of the new edition

And take a look at how this is starting to tie in with the earlier WFB 9th items:

via Steve the Warboss 11-25-2014

-The Work on the Rules has already completed
-Endtimes will maybe not mentioned in the Rulebook
-The Design Studio seems working on Siege Rules for an Expansion
-The Starter Set will return to “step by step” introduction
-No allied Matrix like 40k, we become something like “factions”
-GW plans the release for May, Starter will come in June

 via Steve the Warboss 11-24-2014

9th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles:

-One Profile for Mounted Units (like End Times units).
-End Times was full designed for the new Edition, the Books will be 100% compatible.
-No new Armybook releases until the New Edition is released.
-Empire in the starter set, the opposing army is undetermined.

~How do you think the End Times will end?

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