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Outside the Box 11-28-14

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Nov 28 2014

Hello again and welcome to the Black Friday edition of Outside the Box with news from Infinity, Raging Heroes, Dark Age Games, Avatars of War and much more!

December brings two new releases for Infinity:

-> More Infinity News

We also got plenty of new previews for Dark Age:

 -> More Dark Age Games News 

More upcoming Darklands releases have been announced:

 -> More Mierce Miniatures News

Perry Miniatures

The new English Army (1415-1429) plastic sets can be pre-ordered from Perry Miniatures:

-> More Perry Miniatures News  

Puppetswar released different versions of the Pegasus Truck:

-> More Puppetswar News


Avatars of War
Several new miniatures are available from Avatars of War:

-> More Avatars of War News

The Decimator and Outrider for X-Wing are available and the StarViper is following soon:

-> More Fantasy Flight Games News

Outlaw Miniatures
Outlaw Miniatures published a first preview of the Golden Army and a picture of the finished Legendary Jesse:

-> More Outlaw Miniatures News

DarkSword Miniatures 
DarkSword Miniatures added new releases to their range:

-> More DarkSword Miniatures News

The first Toughest Girls of the Galaxy will be available for pre-orders on December 5th:

-> More Raging Heroes News

New artworks of the Ba’el Demonlord and Valandor for Dungeon Saga:

-> More Mantic Games News 


This week we got more units for the Early Egyptians and some new livestock:

-> More Warlord Games News 

Otherworld Miniatures takes you to a haunted crypt with their new releases:

-> More Otherworld Miniatures News

Two new miniatures for Bushido have been announced: The Shimogama Viper for the Ito Clan and Kioshi Makoto for the Prefecture of Ryu
The new Mansion has been released:

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The 28mm version of the Nemesis Light Strike Vehicle is available for pre-orders:

-> More ClearHorizon Miniatures News

New miniatures have been unlocked in the Post-Kickstarter campaign:

A new artwork for the Titan Forge SciFi project has been published:

Alchemist Miniatures
New Alkemy releases are available:

-> More Alchemist Miniatures News

The Lykan Sabretooths are available from Mad Robot Miniatures:


-> More Mad Robot Miniatures News

And Demented Games presents the M’Dusa for their Twisted range:

–> More Demented Games News

And as usual we finish with some interesting new Kickstaretr projects:
Battlezone Miniatures – Raiders of Arcana

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

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