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Secret Weapon – Tablescape Modular Terrain Tiles

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Nov 14 2014

It’s time to take a look at some of the brand new Tablescapes Tiles from Secret Weapon:  Let’s go!

First off, here’s the basics from Secret Weapon on the new tiles:

Tablescapes Tiles (Set of 24) $249.99

Tablescapes Tiles are themed series’ of 1X1 ft injection molded HIPS plastic tile terrain. Each carefully crafted tile features more than 20 million polygons in resolution and is compatible with a wide variety of scenery and bases, not to mention many other themes in the Tablescapes Tile line!

These come in the following lines:
-Forgotten Cities

-Rolling Fields

-Scrap Yard

-Urban Streets – Clean

-Urban Streets – Damaged


I really am smitten by the modular Urban Streets sets as not only do they come with modular straight, t-intersection and 4-way intersections, but these could be overlaid on almost any existing table to add some high quality modular roads to your current terrain setup!

Go pick up a set and tell Mr. Justin BoLS sent you!

So what do you think about these babies?


Author: Larry Vela
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