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Top 10 Glottkin Rules Confirmations

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Nov 3 2014


Book II of the End Times is here, and the Olde World has once again been changed irrevocably.
Checkout the Top 10 rules confirmations for the new Rules Set.

10.) – Ambushes – Similar to how Beastmen used to do, now you can secretly pick an unoccupied building on the battlefield to deploy in.

9.) – Sewers – Like “Tunnels” at Adepticon or the Webway portals of old, reinforcements can be deployed from these markers as if they came on from the board edge.

8.) – Ascendancy – New rules for Ascentant Chaos Gods, Daemons, and Morals. Marks can be a little confusing but the book breaks them down for use with the End Times.

7.) – Army Selection Points – Once Again Lords, and Heroes up to 50% with no limits, and core is a minimum of 25% per army.



6.) – Legions of Chaos – The new End Times force of Daemons, Beastmen, and Warriors of Chaos plus the new units presented in this book as well like Glottkin himself. They even published a huge handy reference page summarizing all the available units from these three books for fielding LoC armies.

5.) The Glotts – The new Glottkin model is a combined profile of the brothers Glott (Ethrac, Ghruk, and Otto). They confer the following to the Glottkin; level 4 wizard, +d6 attacks per combat, and one attack of their five base can be made at S10 (with the Multiple Wounds rule).


4.) The Glottkin – This monster has a 4+ armor save with a whopping 12 wounds! He is a big boy.

3.) Karl Franz Ascendant – 10 attacks base with the new Essence of Ghal Maraz that ignore armor saves and wound automatically. He also has a 4+ ward save and magic resistance (2). Karl Franz may now just be the physical manifestation of Sigmar, and the only hope for the Empire of Man.

2.) Festus Empowered – The Leechlord got an upgrade too, and now confers Regeneration (5+) and the poison attacks special rules when in a unit. He also comes with a bonus bound level 5 spell that can be cast to units within 12″ to confer hard cover to them until the next magic phase.

1.) Summon Infernal Legion – The main mechanic of the End Times Book II. This new spell is similar to the new raise undead spell from Book 1 Nagash, this spell allows any Chaos Wizard to summon Daemons to their aid. Casts on 14+ to summon a units up to 100 points. The power level can be toggles up to 17+ to summon up to 150 points, or up to 20+ to summon up to 200 points.


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