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40K Advent Day 14: Iron Wolves and Crimson Fists

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Dec 14 2014

Crimson Fists and the Space Wolves get their turn today!

None More Loyal (ebook) $4.99

“Crimson Fists Sergeant Galleas and his squad are assigned to aid an inquisitor who hunts a notorious renegade Space Marine. Setting out to entrap the traitor, the Crimson Fists soon find themselves surrounded and in danger – and their enemy may know them as well as they know themselves, as an ancient and deadly secret is revealed.”

Fear the Might of Fenris

Hardened warriors who fight for Russ and the Allfather, the Space Wolves are incredible warriors against whom no foe can stand for long. Of all their Great Companies, none can match the Ironwolves for sheer armoured might, and wise foes have learned to dread the sight of this Great Company’s distinctive iconography.

How to Paint
This product is an excerpt taken from Companies of Fenris: Space Wolves Painting Guide, detailing step-by-step how to paint and base the Ironwolves, apply their tank markings, and colour their shoulder guards.”

~If you like Blue and Red, this is your lucky day!

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