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40K Advent Day 15: Grimdark Bad Guys Unite!

Dec 15 2014

Move over heroes – Ahriman and the villains get their day!

Gates of Ruin (ebook) $4.99

“Ahriman, sorcerer lord of the Thousand Sons, seeks the fabled Gates of Ruin, reportedly a safe way out of the Eye of Terror, far from the eyes of the Imperium. But when he finds the Gates of Ruin, he discovers that he has been drawn into a deadly trap. As daemons attack, Ahriman and his followers must draw on all their power and skill if they are to survive.”

Wallpapers of War!
This product provides you with a collection of artwork from Warhammer 40,000 Codex covers for our non-Imperial races. Whether you’re a fan of evil heretics fighting against the Emperor’s light, or rapacious, monstrous xenos, this pack ensures you can wear your colours upon your desktop with pride!.”

~ “It’s a TRAP!” (Ahriman & Admiral Akbar)

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