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40K Advent Day 7: World Eater Berzerkers & Holiday Artpacks

Dec 7 2014

Even World Eater Berzerers have a soft spot?  Check this out, and spruce up your computer for the Grimdark holidays while you’re at it!

Imperial Wallpapers $6.99

Wallpapers of War! This product provides you with a collection of artwork from Warhammer 40,000 Codex covers for Imperial forces, depicting an iconic warrior from one of the many warring factions of the 41st millennium, caught in dynamic motion and rendered in incredible detail.”

Enyalius, In Memoriam (ebook) $1.99
“Marakitedes, berserker of the traitorous World Eaters, fights on the hull of an Imperial starship. Battling the vessel’s beleaguered crew and the warriors of the Ultramarines, he is fighting not just for the thrill of combat or to feed the Butcher’s Nails, but to honour his fallen brother, Enyalius, and send him to Khorne with a mighty host of skulls.”

~I bet Berzerker wakes are AWESOME!?  

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