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40K Advent Day 8: Missions & Space Vampires!

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Dec 8 2014

Spice up your games with a bunch of 40K missions, and drink deep of the Blood Angels…

First Blood: Alter of War Selection Pack $5.99

Altar of War Missions
This product contains a selection of the missions available in the Altar of War Compendium. Including such battles as the Space Marines’ Angels of Death scenario and the horrifying Tyranid Infestation, this selection pack provides missions for many of the galaxy’s warring races.”

A set of Blood Angels fiction pieces:

Honour and Wrath
Blood of Sanguinius
Reflection of Blood
The Blooding
The Chalice

~New Blood Angels drinking game – each time you see “Blood” in a product title – take a drink!

Author: Larry Vela
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