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40K: Blood Angels Terminators : The Movie by GW

Dec 15 2014

GW shows off their new Blood Angels models & more – Don’t miss these closeups.

Ohh, look at that cinematography.  The depth of field, the pans, the closeups.  Someone at GW is having a great time with their camera.

As with the earlier Tactical Squad, I thing GW really nailed the ornate, filigreed aesthetic of the Blood Angels.  These models are dripping with bling and in a good way.  All of the little blood gems on chains, and the winged emblems really pull the range together.

Also it’s a nice change to not have any bald screaming marines.  Apparently the Blood Angel geneseed may make you crazy, but you keep a full head of hair while doing it.

~What’s your artistic opinion on the new kits?

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