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40K Rumors: The Next Mystery Codex is… (WOW)

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Dec 26 2014

Get ready to kick off 2015 with a all new 40K codex totally out of left field.  I hope you like painting with that 10/0 brush!

via Darnok (who’s on a rumor tear!)

“As most of you will know, the next release for 40K will be Codex: Necrons at the end of January. But…

Source #1

After that come…. Harlequins. Multiple plastic kits and clams over several weeks I think including new jetbike riding ones, is there a current or old name for them? These are called sky weavers.

Apply salt as usual, but this comes from my most trusted source. Unless there is anything big I’m unaware of this should be hitting February, or March at the latest.”

Wow, the Harlequins last saw a full Army List in the Warhammer Compendium from 1991.

Take a look at the original Harlequin Army List in our Retro Review here:

Harlequin list starts at 15:15

You better break out the magnifying glass, 10/0 brush and start practicing painting checkers…


Author: Larry Vela