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40K: Special Army Rules the Internet Told Me Were TRUE (Humor)

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Dec 2 2014

Here is a collection of some of the most ridiculous army-wide rules that you may have seen making the rounds online.  The internet is a crazy place, the more you look, the worse it gets!

Tyranids: Without Number…For Real!  When any Tyranid unit is removed from the table as a casualty, an exact copy of that unit may re-enter the board from the board edge of the owners choice (including his opponents’!) on a roll of 4+ (if there are any Synapse creatures on the board, the required roll is 2+).  This unit may move, shoot, run and assault on the turn of its’ arrival.

Orks: I Want Some Of That!  If any Ork non-vehicular unit (including Walkers) engages an enemy unit during the assault phase and causes any casualties, any other Ork non-vehicular/Walker unit may move 4D6 inches toward the combat during the same assault phase.  If it is able to get into base-to-base with the enemy, it may also participate in the same assault.

Tau: Little Red Dots of Pain!  Any Tau unit that is within range of another Tau unit that is within range of an enemy unit may fire at that target unit.  If more than one Tau unit fires at an enemy unit in this manner, any of the Tau firing units may add 1 to their To Hit and To Wound dice rolls.

Chaos Space Marines:  Sacrificial Rites!  When any Chaos Space Marines unit causes at least one enemy casualty during an assault, the Chaos player may choose to sacrifice the assaulting unit.  If they do so, all enemy models in the assaulted unit take a S8/AP1 hit.  After the assault is resolved, the Chaos unit is removed from the board and replaced by a Daemon Prince.


Chaos Daemons:  Knock, Knock…Who’s There!  At any time during the movement or psychic phases, any Daemon unit on the board may relocate to anywhere on the game board that is within 24″ of another Daemon unit.  Enemy models within 6″ of this new location must move to make room for the newly relocated Daemons.  This counts as either a move or the use of a psychic power, but does not require a manifest roll to succeed.  Once the Daemon unit is placed in its’ new location, it may assault normally.

Astra Militarium:  The Emperor Protects!  Any non-vehicle Astra unit that has not fired during their player turn receives a 2+ invulnerable save on the following turn.  Any Walker/Vehicle that has not fired receives a 2+ cover save.  Weapons firing at these unit that are greater than S3 and/or AP4 must reroll successful hits and wounds.

Eldar:  Dance With Me!  Any enemy unit in engaged in an assault with an Eldar unit must roll a die.  On a 2+ (reroll a 1 if there are more than 3 models in the Eldar unit), all attacks against the Eldar are at S2/AP6/I1, no matter how the enemy models are equipped.  Note: this only applies when attacking Eldar unit that have an Exarch.

Space Wolves:  Out for Blood!  If a Space Wolves (non-Fenrisian Wolf/Walker) unit engaged in an assault suffers a casualty, every remaining non-Independent Character model in the unit assumes the characteristics of a Lone Wolf, but ignores the Pack of One Special Rule..  This change stays in effect until one of the combatant units is destroyed.  If a Fenrisian Wolf unit suffers a casualty in an assault, the remaining models assume the characteristics of a Thunderwolf.

Necrons:  Curse of the Imovotematep!  If a Necron non-vehicular model is removed from play, place a skull marker at its’ last location.  Any enemy model that ends its’ move within 6″ of the marker will take a S8 auto-hit with no cover/armour save allowed.  All Invulnerable saves will be taken as a 6+.  Enemy vehicles within 6″ take a S10/AP1 auto-hit, and armour penentration must be rerolled if failed.  Necron vehicles that are destroyed will place a skull marker at their final location.  Enemy models that end their move with 12″ of the marker will follow the previous rules.


Now THOSE would change the Meta, nes pas?  What’s the craziest rule you found online that didn’t exactly pan out…?

Author: Dan Bearss
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