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Goatboy’s 40K: Looking Forward to 2015

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Dec 28 2014

Goatboy here for the final time of 2014.  Here’s what’s on my 40K mind heading into the new year.

I remember when I starting writing my musing’s in 2008 during the beginnings of 5th edition.  I had just returned to the game after a divorce and a short dabbling in Magic the Gathering.  Old friends were still involved and it was easy to just slip right into the mix of Local events and battles among dice.  If you told me back then that I would still be writing a weekly bit of nonsense for 6 years I would have said – I don’t have that much to say!

But this isn’t a travel down memory lane.  My thoughts are a lot more jumbled with the perfect storm of family, work, and side work.  It’s fine though as I like to be busy.  In fact I think I thrive with tasks laid out before me.

The Jumbled Tourneys
I have a tournament that my wife is letting me go too.  If you just had a kid you would understand why it is the whole “getting allowed to go” sort of thing.  It’s the LVO and I expect to do the normal thing – win more then I lose and then have fun with friends.  It is hard to plan for every army you might face during an event.  I have had friends design lists built to kill the common “good” lists and never face one the entire event.  I have had events where every list is just a pain the butt and somehow I scrap wins out based on the common thought of – play the mission and try to keep the other player from playing the mission.

The biggest issue is every event has their own take on missions so that can always be a pain to break down the best way to win.  I still feel less complications is better but my only tournament running experience is locally and smaller event can allow for simpler designs to incorporate non locals to the event.  I still don’t think we have a 100% perfect system yet but the missions are not why I play this game.  I like the fluff, models, and chances for artistic creation.  The game is just a by product and most of the time I have a great adventure in battling dice and plastic monsters.

I am going to try to make a few more events but for the most part keep my trips down to 2-3 for the year and any Texas event I can find.  I should build a list and stick with it the entire year but the one I wanted to finish up – I don’t have time to finish.  Plus the events rules of 2 sources, all sources, and your mom’s source keeps me from really creating a single list.

That is another frustrating thing as yes I think we need limits – but sources isn’t saving events from degenerate lists.  I don’t know what we can do as every option seems to bring out the guns and knives in a discussion so its hard to really bring an idea to the table.  I just think every event will see me bring something different in some way to have good games with the ability to win most of them.

My Army Resolutions
There lies my plans for the tournament season.  After that it is really just a hobby year filled with commissions and room to finish up my own army or two.  I still want to get an Ork army up and running.  The idea I have of course is something with the Green Tide and the Deff Kopta Star.  I just like the idea of making a bunch of awesome bikers driving around with their extra wounds with rokkits.  I have a lot of the pieces but life keeps getting in the way.

I am sure a bunch of random Chaos stuff will come out too.  I can’t stop making bad guys and I even painted a new Daemon Prince this last week.  I hadn’t done one in about 2 months and the addiction just was clawing at my brain.  It didn’t help that the LVO list building allows me to do this goofy list I wanted to run so I needed to make a 3 Gun Prince.  I still want to do a new Space Goat list and will start looking at building the crazy Chapter Masters I want for it.  The Thunder Geddon list are a always pushing on my mind as the idea of a bunch of Goat riding Juggernauts just warms my evil heart.


Why I Play
The thoughts above are why I keep playing the game.  There is no other game that allows me the freedom of “creation” that 40k does right now.  The creation side of things is what makes me keep chugging along with glue on my fingers, paint on my hand, and an annoyed wife as she finds bits embedded in the carpet.

I hope this next year is just filled with new things to try and replace some of the ideas I have.  I hope we have new rules that let multiple armies be good.  I hope we get some books redone so we can have less complaining about someone’s they spent years building.  I hope we see GW embrace giving more “combo” deals instead of these weird one click purchases that don’t save you a dime.

Alright so this is it for the year from Goatboy.  Next year I will hopefully have time to do some progress posts with new army ideas/conversions.  I haven’t had time to take pics of work in-between which makes it hard to really create a cool conversion post etc.  I am sure will have more snap judgement army discussions too.  I might even do some more art as well.

We’ll see what 2015 gives me. Maybe I will get lucky and get a tournament win again.

 Until next year – just roll more 6’s. What do you want to see most in 40K during 2015?

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