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Necrons: The Conventional Rumor Wisdom Arrives (at last!)

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Dec 15 2014

This Necron Rumor season has been all over the place, but at last it’s starting to gel.  Here’s today’s news:

The latest word on the Necrons:

Short-term Stuff
Necrons – January 2015

-Clampack Necron Lord
-Clampack Cryptek

Codex is described at “thick, almost Space Marine sized”.  Look for it to include lots of fluff, as well as many Lords of War & Formations (possibly some of the Apoc ones.)


Medium-term Stuff

Later in 2015, Necrons will star in a Campaign Book, alongside 3 additional kits (both reworks, and new kits)

These Rumors are rated RELIABLE, coming from known good sources.

The most interesting thing of this bunch to me is the word of a Necron Campaign book coming later in 2015 with 3 new kits attached. It would appear that the success of Stormclaw, Shield of Baal, and the WFB End Times series is moving Games Workshop in a new direction.  It looks like we can from now on expect to see a “two-track” parallel releases of  the traditional army codices with accompanying supplemental codices (and some minis), with a second track of these “X vs Y” campaigns that include book sets with integrated new rules and minis as well.

~ Have at it folks!


Author: Larry Vela
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