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NEW RELEASES – Verminlord & Blood Angel Army Pricing

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Dec 30

The GIANT furry rat is out of the bag already for this weeks releases! Checkout the pics and prices on the new Blood Angels Army Box, and VerminLord kit.

pics via L’Astropate

VerminLord Options:

New Releases

Releasing Jan 10th are the following;
$90 Skaven Verminlord –Judging from the pictures looks to be a Nagash sized model with 4-5 different way to build it.
$175 Sanguine Strike Company – (seems like a good deal)
1x Blood Angels Terminator Librarian
5x Blood Angels Assault Terminators
1x Furioso Dreadnought
1x Stormraven Gunship
So who wants some Verminlords?!! 

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