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Outside the Box 12-26-14

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Dec 26 2014

Hello everybody, I hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays! There is so much good stuff that I thought I’ll have to do another article – Enjoy!

Spartan Games
Firestorm Armada gets new Planetary Defense Groups and more Sidekicks for Dystopian Legions have been announced:

-> More Spartan Games News

Dark Age Games 
Here is a new preview of the mounted Saint Mark:

-> More Dark Age Games News

Fantasy Flight Games
The Imperial Raider is going to join X-Wing soon:

-> More Fantasy Flight Games News

Corvus Belli announced the December releases for Infinity:

-> More Infinity News 

Warlord Games
Bolt Action gets new Veteran Grenadiers and plastic Pnazergrenadiers next year:

 Additionally, new Concord troops for Beyond the Gates of Antares have been revealed:

-> More Warlord Games News

Hawk Wargames
Hawk Wargames presents a new unit for the Scourge:

-> More Hawk Wargames News

Red Republic Games 
Septimus and Nero are finally finished:

-> More Red Republic Games News

Mantic Gamess
Mantic Games announced the  Pathfinder Snipers for Deadzone:

-> More Mantic Games News

Puppetswar released several sets of Steam Ogres and published a preview of next year’s releases:

-> More Puppetswar News 

Infamy Miniatures
Infamy Miniatures presents Badger for their Welcome to the Big Smoke range:

-> More Infamy Miniatures News

Anvil Industry
The Unity Council gets new support weapons:

-> More Anvil Industry News

Guild Ball
A lot of new Guild Ball previews have been published:

-> More Guild Ball News

Kromlech released Inquisitor Ingrid von Schwarzheim:

-> More Kromlech News

And Troll Forged Miniatures presents the Dread for their Alien Host range:

-> More Troll Forged Miniatures News

And just one new Kickstarter campaign:
Mark Britton – Little Soldiers of the Great War Kickstarter 

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

 This was now really the last issue of Outside the Box for this year – but my personal highlights of 2014 are still coming!

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