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Privateer Has a Holiday Gift for Everybody!

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Dec 24 2014

Privateer’s DC, just uploaded a bunch of free PDFs to give HIGH COMMAND players a new set of handy tools!

Take it Away DC:

Deck Building Tools

When it comes to building a High Command deck, it’s helpful to have your card collection in front of you to compare your options. But that method is a lot less convenient when looking at deck lists online, listening to a podcast, or reading a strategy article. With this in mind, we’ve decided to post the High Command card sets online as PDF files for free download.


Releasing this information publicly will have ramifications beyond easier access to card stats. The biggest secondary effect is that the information contained in these files will now be available for public discussion and use. AFTER a set has been posted, players should feel free to talk about any of its cards’ stats and abilities in the forums and can even create user content to help players sort, compare, and organize their High Command cards or create deck lists.

While I have neither the time nor the expertise to put together a full-fledged deck-building application for High Command myself, I have used existing data about the game to whip up a very simple deck list spreadsheet. Feel free to use this file to save your favorite deck list for each faction, generate deck lists for Kingmaker events, or as a jumping off point for a more involved High Command tool. (Note that using it for Kingmaker printouts is ultimately up to your Tournament Organizer, and that I strongly recommend using the “fit to 1 page wide” and “fit to 1 page tall” check boxes.)

I hope you get a lot of use out of this information and that it helps to grow High Command communities both locally and online.

The Free Downloads:

HORDES High Command Castle of the Keys Expansion

HORDES High Command Elemental Rage Expansion
HORDES High Command Gargantuan Might Expansion
HORDES High Command Immortal Tales Expansion
WARMACHINE High Command Core Set
WARMACHINE High Command Into the Breach Expansion
WARMACHINE High Command Heroes & Legends Expansion
WARMACHINE High Command Engines of Destruction Expansion
WARMACHINE High Command Colossal Warfare Expansion
WARMACHINE High Command Invasion of Sul Expansion
Faith & Fortune Core Set
Faith & Fortune Escalating Conflict Expansion


Now go forth, play, and have a Merry Christmas!

Author: Larry Vela
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