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REVIEW & PICS – New Blood Angels Codex

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Dec 16 2014


The Blood Angels are back, and are jockeying for position atop the 40k dog-pile. Take a look at their new codex!
The newest codex is here for 40k and while some things have changed, both good and bad depending who you ask, overall it appears the book has fallen in line with the current 7th Edition rules styling.


It isn’t very surprising that the book clocks in at around 110 pages, once again with full bleed galleries of each model in the unit entry, with a smaller 10 page appendix in the back containing all the special rules for the army. This format is pretty much the 7th Edition standard that started I think with the Orks codex earlier in the year. The new Blood Angels Codex features a detachment called the Baal Strike Force, as well as an alternate Formation called simply the Blood Angels Battle Company that confers Objective Secured to all troops in the list.


There are also two new units now in the Lords of War slot; Dante and Gabriel Seth, who both figure to have pivotal parts in the conclusion of the Shield of Baal Campaign I’m sure. Leadership wise the HQ slot seems to be pretty crowded this time around, as it may have been almost necessary for Dante and Seth to make the move to the LoW slot. Curiously it seems that the Command Squad has become a bit of a hybrid entry that fills the old role of Honor Guard and retinue BUT takes up an Elite slot. Seems like this may figure into a lot of future builds for the Blood Angels I’m sure. Assault Squads that were once the backbone of many versions of the Blood Angels for the last few editions, are no longer troop units in this edition. However they still retain their access to discount transport options, and of course score as normal (they are just not naturally objective secured).


Overall the relics, warlord traits, and psychic powers seem to be pretty well rounded with a few tweeks to returning powers, as well as some new abilities and items that help to keep the old flavor of the army intact.

So what can you make with the new army list? 



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