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The DIRT – The Final Issue….. My Holiday Wish List

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Dec 4 2014

To Clarify, this is the final issue of The DIRT for 2014.  You can’t keep Infinity down after all!

For everyone who has been keeping up with the DIRT, I am incredibly grateful.  This is the 30th issue in 2014, and I have had a blast writing it.  Unfortunately, real life is throwing me a bit of a curve ball so I’m having to wrap up this year with this article.  But no worries –  The DiRT will return in January.

As we are headed into a holiday atmosphere, where in almost every culture there is a sense of gift giving, I thought I’d share with you my Infinity short list.  My wife and I have an agreement that we cannot purchase anything for ourselves from Oct. 15th through the new year.  This usually makes Corvus Belli’s trend of releasing good stuff in that time frame so very, very, nerve wracking.  I’m not a “gifts make the holiday” kind of guy.  And I am happiest spending time with family and friends.  However, just in case my wife wanders out to Bell of Lost Souls, these are the things that would be amazing to unwrap on Dec 25th.

#1 – Infinity 3rd Edition

Without a doubt getting a chance to take a look at the next Infinity rule set in it’s entirety is highest on my list.   It’s hard to go into more detail about this when the first 29 issues of the DIRT touched on the whys to some extent. 

#2 – The New Combined Army Starter Box

I don’t even like playing the “evil” faction in games.   I avoided playing chaos in 40K, I never played Cryx in Warmachine, etc.  While there aren’t a lot of identifiable good guys in Infinity, there’s little dispute over the Combined Army’s overarching evil presence in the human sphere.  So what changed my mind……

The defecting Tohaa who have joined forces with the Combined Army.  While there is a great deal of history and fluff in the Infinity universe, nothing caught my attention and drew me into the world like reading the stories that centered around the great manipulation of humanity by Tohaa.  For more details about this, check out the Campaign:Paradiso rule book.  There’s no doubt that the models are amazing looking, but I really want to see how this plays out.   Why did they defect?  I know I mentioned these in my last article, but while they did not take the #1 spot, they were worth mentioning again.

#3 – Dog Warriors

I’m a huge fan of Ariadna.  Hands down, my favorite model to bring is Van Zant.  But there are some old sculpts of Ariadna that I just never wanted to add to my Infinity collection.  Without talking down about the older sculpts, I just never picked them up because other models just caught my attention more.  Just when I had written off Dog-Warriors, Corvus Belli goes back and makes them look like this.  Yeah, now I just want to add them to every army list I can until I understand how I can wreck face with them.

#4 – Janissaries with HMG

(Cue up the voice acting of the Dos Equis “stay thirsty” guy)

I don’t always play Haqqislam, but when I do, I bring Janissaries with HMGs.

Some Honorable Mentions

Underground Laser’s Train Set

I know that there are a couple of companies producing trains that could be used for the train mission in campaign paradiso.  I just like the looks of this one.  What’s killing me is that this train that was on their second kickstarter has not made it to their website for purchase.  Fingers are crossed.

Warsenal Silhouette Templates

I know templates will be used in 3rd edition, but I really want to play a couple of games to determine how critical these will be.  I have a ton of Warsenal templates and tokens, this will probably be ordered January 2nd.

So that’s the news, the skinny, the DIRT for 2014.  What things are on your holiday list?  Even if it’s not Infinity related, leave it in the comments below?  I hope to see you all in the new year!


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