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WFB BREAKING: End Times 4 – Latest

Dec 10 2014

In the aftermath of the End Times Khaine, the Skaven get their turn.  Here’s the latest:

First todays rumors…

via Steve the Warboss 12-10-2014

-The 4th End Times book will be the First Release for 2015, in early January.
-The Book features Skaven and includes new rules for Battles in Dungeons.
-End Times Book 5 will come later, possibly after the next Edition is released.

Which dovetail into the last set we got late last month:

via conspiracynutt 11-29-2014

Order of book releases is 
-End times Skaven
-End times Skaven (limited edition)
-All of the above are at GW HQ.

Anything else isn’t printed yet so won’t be out until late January as all books seem to be printed about 2 months before they are released.

~So who do you think are getting the “unknown winds of magic?”


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