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40k/Fantasy Crossover: The Skaven-Eldar Telephone Call

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Jan 27 2015
Games Workshop has been working for years to further separate 40k and Fantasy from each other.  They just blurred the lines a bit!

Read over this bit I found in the new Thanquol book and see what you think of it.


The setup is the Skaven have overrun one of the major Lizardmen temple cities, and are looting all the treasures and ancient devices the Slann use when they happen upon this:

“The warlock engineers soon discovered the Device of the Great Beyond, a communication apparatus that spoke to beings from beyond the stars.  As they swirled its many dials, a querulous voice spoke through the stone speakers. That voice, fair and clear caused the Skaven to bolt away.  The device was something like the far-squeaker, but the melodious tones that issued forth were, if anything, kin to the despised speech of the elf-things. As they did not understand the alien language, nor how the arcane contraption worked the warlock engineers pulled the device apart and shot it with warplock pistols until it stopped making any sounds.”
So did the Skaven just call up an Eldar Craftworld, panic and hang up?  

If you know what else this passage could be referring to leave it in the comments below! 

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