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Outside the Box 01-16-15

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Jan 16 2015
Hello, time for a new issue of Outside the Box, this time with Dark Age Games, Malifaux, Dreadball, Darklands, XWing and much more!

Dark Age Games 

This time we have a whole lot of new releases:

Titan Forge
The Titan Forge Kickstarter for the X-Terra Space Forces and the Daemons is launching on January 23rd:

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The IG-2000 will be a new expansion pack for X-Wing:


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GCT Studios 
Wave 21 is delayed due to some unexpected production issues, but here is a preview of Rashka, the Devastator, for the Savage Wave:

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Perry Miniatures announced a new range Heroes of Waterloo vignettes:

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Knight Models 
Arrow is the newest addition to the Batman Miniature Game:

This week we got a preview of the Ghar Heavy Walker for Beyond the Gates of Antares:


Additionally, the plastic Tiger I Ausf. E for Bolt Action is available for pre-orders:

And new this week: French reinforcements for Bolt Action and the King’s German Legion Luneberg Light Battalion:

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Raging Heroes
The first
Kurganova Shock Troops are available:

-> More Raging Heroes News

The January and February releases have been announced:

Outlaw Miniatures
The Watchers need some Hired Hands, too:


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Warploque Miniatures
Unleash the Death Kiwis!


Mantic Games
The first releases for season 4 of Dreadball are out:

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Scibor Miniatures 
New Chaos miniatures are coming:

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Micro Art Studio
This is the new Golem for Wolsung:

After last weeks Goblin Nurses we now get Goblin Pirates:

And Blood Rage, theViking Saga game from Studio McVey and Guillotine Games, shows new previews:


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And new Kickstarter campaigns: 
Archiminima – Structura 15mm Terrain 

Corvus Corax Miniatures – Outcasts 

Coins For Anything – Fantasy Gaming Coins LARPing, Cosplay, Board Games, RPG more 


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Blood Rage looks great, and I really dig the Death Kiwis!

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