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Warmachine: 2 New Models Teased!

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Jan 18 2015

Privateeer has throw out some delicious teaser pics of two upcoming models to get everyone excited. come see:

Via Will Schick’s Twitter feed:


The first is Ruin, the Butcher of Khardov’s own character jack, from an upcoming Warmachine expansion book.

Sacral Vault

Next is the Sacral Vault, from Exigence.

Sacral Vault—Minion Gatorman Battle Engine (resin and white metal) $109.99

A massive edifice dedicated to ritual sacrifice, the sacral vault is constructed to harness and store the energies of death, literally housing the souls of those killed around it to power the dark rituals of the attending bokor. The souls trapped within are unleashed to rend enemies to bloody rags, but not before their bodies are turned against their comrades.

The Sacral Vault comes in a box (PIP 75054). A player may field up to two Sacral Vaults for each warlock in a Circle, Legion, or Blindwater Congregation pact Minion army.


Minions has been playing a catchup game to the other factions in the game for years, so it’s nice to see the Blindwater Congregation get some love.

On the Khador front, you just know that the Butcher would need a character jack with a certain sense of raw hostility. I think the Ruin model has it in spades.

~What do you think of them?

Author: Larry Vela
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