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40K: Six Lean & Mean LVO Armies

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Feb 26 2015


We all know who made it to the finals in Las Vegas, but there were a lot of other really good armies out there:

Tastytaste over at Blood of Kittens is a tournament fanatic and has a fantastic rundown of the entire LVO you should go check out.

Las Vegas Open 2015 Top Lists

Here is only a small excerpt highlighing the 6 lists fromthe top 8 players that didn’t make it to the final table.  There are some very cool armylist concepts in here:

Tyler DeVries 3rd Overall Las Vegas Open 2015 — Tyler was the only Eldar player to make into the top 8 and without any Wraithknights… but he did have something else, the dreaded double D Lynx.

Geoff Thompson 4th Overall Las Vegas Open 2015 — Geoff brought an objective secured nightmare list able to out maneuver his opponents with Drop Poding Astra Militarum all over the board. He was also the only finalist to get a litany poor sportsmanship complaints from his opponents over the weekend, forcing the main judge for the finals to become defacto Game Master for his games.

Nick Nanavati 5th Overall Las Vegas Open 2015 — Nick the man Nanavati was the favorite to win the whole event and came up just short against Sean Nayden in the first round, but reports have him handicapping himself against Sean makes one wonder what could have been.

Vincente F. Arroyo 6th Overall Las Vegas Open — Vincente an avid Chaos Space Marine (I think) and was the only person to bring a Brass Scorpion. After Stomping his way into the Top 8 he was Doubled D by Tyler’s Lynx in the first turn. Vincente did his best to make a game of it, but Tyler was able to send him back to the Warp.

Steve Sisk 7th Overall Space Marines — Steve won the Bay Area Open 2015 with almost the same list and was able to make the Top 8 with Ultra Scars and was the only Californian player to make it in.


Aaron Albert 8th Overall Las Vegas Open 2015 — Aaron tooled up Grey Knights were a nightmare for many opponents with his Teleporting Centurion Star and Jumping Dreadknights, no soft underbelly was safe.




The fine art of list construction – 40K 7th Edition

Enjoy everyone, and happy armybuilding!


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