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HARLEQUIN CODEX – First Look Review

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Feb 23


Enter Stage Right. The Harlequins are here and from the looks of it, they may just shake up the 40k scene a bit.

At first glance, this new book seems to be one of the freshest ‘made from scratch’ new sets of rules for 40k since the Necrons and Tau debuted in 2002/03.


The new book hits hard with about the normal number of pages for a ‘stand alone’ codex, and has a ton of surprises up it’s mutilcolored sleeve as well.


Back again is a strange bestiary section that explains all the new units, before what the book once again calls their ‘datasheets’ or the place where their game options and points are contained.

There is also a neat section that contains all the colored markings of the various troupes, plus another explaining all their esoteric weapons and wargear as well.



It was a fun read, not just from a game but also from a background perspective as well. I really love all the new hobby opportunities the new Harlequin Codex opens up, especially when paired with their sister Eldar books!

What’s your take on our latest codex?

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