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BREAKING – New Ad Mech Releases

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Mar 30 2015



The robot cat looks to be out of the bag already, as some one found the active pages Games Workshop left up for the new Ad Mech release.

Information is still trickling in, and no pictures as of yet… but they are out there for sure. These links were active and the description of the Sicarians was copied from one.


Via Chronos Darkhelmet on Bolter & Chainsword 03-30-2014

I just got these infos from an Italian independent retailer:

April 11 preorders:
Codex: Skitarii (all languages, 80 pages, 26 €);
Datacards Skitarii (all languages, since Italian ones are in);
Sicarians/Rough Strikers (dual kit, 5 minis, total of 4 different builds for them – maybe just weapons go change).”
Cheese must flow

And the follow up from GW’s site (links already taken down). 

adeptus mechanicus: sicarians this is a brand new boxed set
contains components to make up
the models as either 5 sicarian
infiltrators or 5 sicarian ruststalkers
or a mixture of both

five models, €26?

That’s definitely infantry then, and certainly no larger than terminators.

Here’s what started it all… 
Via Atila on the same thread.
This week releases:
URL re-directs for Codex (hardback, eBook, ipad):
Datacards Skitarii:
Links are no longer active… but the truth is out there. I’m sure we’ll see leaked images today.
Are the sketches on the bottom right and left the Sicarians?

Adeptus Mechanicus Roundup

-Still no release for the HQ or the Walker. Curious order of release operations from Games Workshop indeed.

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