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Two NEW Horus Heresy HQ Classes

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Mar 01


Rules for two new HQ unit types dropped from Forgeworld recently.  Come see the latest new ICs and Consul classes!

Checkout the newest editions to 30k, Nârik Dreygur of the Iron Warriors and Autilon Skorr of the Alpha Legion?

Right now they are NOT playable in games of 40k, but with all the rumors of plastic Horus Heresy figures on the way, who knows what the future holds for these two characters!

Via Forge World and Forge the Narrative 




Autilon Skorr / Consul:Legion Delegatus









Narik Dreygur / Consul:Legion Praevian

I’ve always been a fan of the Consuls class as it has so many sub-types of HQ, eachof which opens up the world of Heresy gaming, and gives converters a chance to have fun making a cool new model.  I’m happy to get further insight into the Legions and have more army list options.  The HH Weekender models are just an extra bonus.



I’f you’ve been drooling over those 30K robots, but play a Legion army, you NEED to hire yourself a Legion Praevian doubletime!

Full Horus Heresy Plastic Roundup


-Good, Bad, these are the guys with the guns.

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