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Unboxing Bloodthirster of Khorne

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Mar 12


He big, he’s bad, and he’s finally here. Checkout the THIRD incarnation of the Bloodthrister, and of course the first to come in plastic.


The wait seems to have been worth it, this kit is absolutely gorgeous! Plus with all the extra bits that are included you can make this Bloodthirster just the way YOU want it.



So with this new kit you can make the following Bloodthirsters for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

  • Unfettered Fury with Axe and Whip
  • Insensate Rage with Great Weapon
  • Wrath of Khorne with Bloodflail, and Wrathaxe




The model also comes with a oval base so you can use him in games of Warhammer 40k as well.

Plus there are three profiles listed in the instruction manual that were spoiled earlier in the week, but from what I can tell, they are all just the normal Bloodthirster profile from the Daemons Codex, and contain no additional special rules.



Either way, good on Games Workshop for giving players the option to use this model in both systems!

Now lets see the other 3 Great Daemons in plastic huh?


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