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BOOM: Eldar Minis (At LAST!!!)

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Apr 14


Get in here and checkout this early Craftworld rumor tidal wave doing the rounds RIGHT NOW!

Apply salt where necessary folks…

Early Breaking WD tidbits Via Warseer 

Some people on a French forum have seen the WD.

– The WK’s heavy wraithcanons are now D, and the sword too. He is gargantuan (and probably LoW I think).

– Jetbikes rules are the same, no changes and same slot (but new minies, and they are cool!).

– Warlocks are not in the Wildriders box, but is an option in the Jetseer pack =D (1D6+100 of dat things for me, kthxbye).

– There is a “Decurie” (don’t now the name of the Necron special host in English), called Craftworld Warhosts :


– 1 to 3 guardians host (Wildriders, guardiens squads and the ones from Ulthwë) unlock some extra stuff for all the craftworlds. For example, 1 3 Wildriders choices unlock some stuff for Saim Hann host.

– You can take for each guardians host 1 to 12 choices of some unit in the codex (crimson, tank, avengers…, but also aspects warriors, ghost warriors, wraithknight and wraithlords. But seems limitated to 1 for the 3 lasts).

– The Autarch on foot has swooping hawks wings, and is awesome!
Via Dakka 4/14/2015
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Wow if the Wraithknight gets the ‘D’ treatment, that’s HUGE. He’s already a problem, but I’d wager will see more of him if that’s the case!
Checkout the rest of the pics (including the cover and more) over on the roundup. I’m updating them as fast as I can find them!

FULL Eldar Rumor Roundup

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