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BREAKING – New 40k Terrain Kits Spotted!

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Apr 08


They’re here, The two upcoming Warhammer 40,000 terrain kit images are doing the rounds this evening. Check it out!

Part bastion, part void shield generator in design, the new Plasma Obliterator will spit hot fire on the enemy at range not even break a sweat, well unless you roll a ‘1’ for your gets hot roll that is.

Plus it can even houses troops and has firing ports for them as well.

Now as far as the Promethium relay pipes, we pretty much knew how that one worked already, but it’s nice to have a model for scale purposes.

Via Captain Citadel 4-8-2015


plasma unnamed (5)



via Haljin 4-7-2015





via Brakkart 4-7-2015

New 40K Terrain Roundup 



That point cost may be a bit steep but in the right army it can do some serious work. Grab your Stronghold Assault book and checkout those optional obstacles too folks!

So what army do you think can most use the new Plasma Obliterator?

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