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EDITORIAL: Two Source 40k – Are We Kidding Ourselves?

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Apr 3 2015


I think we can all agree that the days of just picking a codex and playing that one army are over with 7th Edition.

But what we can’t seem to agree on is how many trips we’re allowed to take to the 40k buffet. Me, I’m a fat kid at heart, I want it all. I want to make pew pew laser noises and jet engine whooshes as I play with my little toy soldiers on my little toy towns.

Events that limit sources make me sad. They make me sad that I can’t play with all my toys, my bone colored terminators look great next to their shiny grey armored knight friends, blood armored brothers, and even female Sororitas. Not to mention the fact that agents of the Imperium like to come and hang out to make sure the rest of them aren’t having too much fun. It’s a hoot.

I want to play with five armies in one, and you know what?

 Games Workshop wants me to do it too.

I know they want me too, because just this year alone they’ve put out THREE codex books, with another TWO rumored to be on the way in just mere weeks.


Plus their website is literally set up so I can click on as many factions as I want AT ONCE, and dump them into my shopping cart even.

How can you tell me to NOT play with all my toys I’ve been buying since 7th Edition came out? It seems to be literally en-grained into the rules themselves? Heck the good guys don’t even seem to have their own identity anymore, they’re just ‘Forces of the Imperium’.

I mean if it wasn’t for the color of their armor I couldn’t even tell them apart honestly.  So if the company that makes these toys and wants us to keep buying stuff every month, made a rules set that encourages players to literally play with everything they own, why does no one want to let us?


Is it time to free the factions of 40k and let freedom ring across the grim dark 7th Edition land?? #FREETHEFACTIONS

This article wasn’t in anyway directed at any one event in particular. It’s a generalization – Let’s start bringing the hobby back to the game instead of the other way around.

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