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Games Workshop Pricing – Stepping Back From the Ledge

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Apr 12 2015
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Don’t look now, but GW’s new Adeptus Mechanicus range is a step in the right direction – for pricing!

It took some hindsight to see all the kits lined up, but take a look at some of these prices, then consider them in context of the overall size, complexity and number of models included in these kits:





Skitarii Rangers/Vanguard (10 Models) $39

Sicarian Infiltrators/Ruststalkers (5 models) $46 ~these guys are on 40mm bases

Sydonian Dragoon/Balistarius $49


Onager Dunecrawler $66

Codex Skitarii $33 ~And hardcover no less


Now while I would never call anything from GW “Cheap”, take a look at those prices and and compare them to what is generally considered the high watermark for GW pricing, the WFB Dark Elves:


Cauldron of Blood $75

Witch Elves/Sisters of Slaughter (10 models) $60


Black Guard/Har Ganeth Executioners (10 models) $50

Warhammer: Dark Elves $49.50



I think we are seeing GW starting to back away form their bleeding edge pricing and coming back to something in the premium-high range, but not the crazy ultra-luxury pricepoint.  More the BMW area of the market, instead of Ferrari.  I would ballpark the prices at roughly $5-10 lower than GW would have been pricing even 1 year back.


In particular, the pricepoint of $33 for a new codex seems like a very smart business move for Nottingham.  With Warhammer being flooded with so many new book offerings, a nice low price point will let GW customers “keep up with the Jonses”, pick up any army books they are interested in, and be the cheap entry point into starting new armies.


What do you think is going on?






Author: Larry Vela
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