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WFB 9th: Starter Box Contents

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Apr 5 2015
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At long last, the rumors on the WFB 9th Edition starter box are starting to arrive.  Get on in here!

First of all, multiple folks around the world have been reporting hushed hints from GW retail staff to “Come into the store on April 24th for SOMETHiNG BIG”.

The exact verbiage varies, but that date of April 24th was always consistant.


Then this showed up!

Warhammer 9th Starter Set Contents

via Tozudos a Deices (Spanish)

“Saludos a todos.

Vuelvo a vosotros de mi letargo para informaros de algo que me ha llegado de fuentes muy fiables. Ya sabéis que si veis que hay actualización en Tozudos a Dieces es porque tenemos una bomba.

Contenido de la caja de novena edición. 24 de abril en prepedidos. Todas las minis son nuevas y traen las reglas dentro, así como peanas redondas.


-Caos: dos personajes, uno exclusivo; cinco miniaturas de caballería, diez guerreros del Caos, d5 demonios del Caos, algún tipo de monstruo del Caos.

-Luz: dos personajes, 10 guerreros sagrados, 10 guerreros de la nueva facción, cinco caballeros sagrados a caballo, máquina de guerra enana.

En la facción de las luz las minis se parecerán a caballeros del grial.

Esta es la información que podemos traeros. Seguiremos informando.”


Translation via google: (not the greatest)

“Greetings to all.


Back to you from my slumber to inform you of something that has come to me from very reliable sources. You know that if you see no update Stubborn to Dieces is because we have a bomb.

Contents of the box ninth edition. April 24 in pre-ordering. All minis are new and bring the rules into and round bases.

-Chaos: Two characters, one exclusive; five miniatures cavalry, ten warriors of Chaos, Chaos demons d5, some kind of monster Chaos.

-Light: Two characters 10 holy warriors 10 warriors of the new faction, five holy knights on horseback, dwarf war machine.

In light faction minis grail knights appear.

This is the information that we can bring you. Keep you informed.”


WFB 9th Roundup

You will also this is yet another rumorsource saying WFB 9th is moving to round bases…  Also note that from other sources, there will be multiple WFB 9th products, rulebook, a new starter, and possibly a skirmish based set/game.  Its unknown which product this one is describing.

~It’s coming! Something has survived the End Times…


Author: Larry Vela
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