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X-Wing: Dash Rendar’s Ultimate Wingman

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Apr 20 2015



Dash Rendar N64

Who’s Dash Rendar’s Ultimate Wingman? Lets talk X-Wing players…

Hi BoLS readers! AdamHarry back again with more X-Wing goodness. I’m also here to ask the community for help. You see, I have a problem – I’m a huge Dash Rendar Fan. How much of a fan? Well I still happen to have a working N64 (that’s a Nintendo 64 for anyone who was born after the internet was invented). So I went to a few used game stores in my local area and hunted down a copy of Shadows of the Empire and have been replaying through the game. The graphics looked way better in ’96. I’m still sticking to it however. No seriously here’s the proof:

Shadows of the EmpireObligatory Selfie is Obligatory

You’ve probably seen the Battle Reports (and if you haven’t go check them out) and you may have noticed I really like to run the 58 Special – Dash Rendar in the Outrider with all the fixings.




I call this build the Video Game All-Star because it’s also got Kyle Katarn riding shotgun. And he’s also an awesome character in his own right. He’s the star of The Dark Forces series and the Jedi Knight games so he’s been around the galaxy a few times.

Kyle and LukeIf Luke trusts him, so do I

The fact that this ship build is AMAZING and I’m sold on the maneuverability, firepower and down right coolness of Dash Rendar is not the problem here. My problem is I don’t know what to do with the other 42 points in my list! This is where the community comes in and this is why I need your help. I want to harness the power of the internet to help me spend those 42 points. Here are a few ideas I’ve put together and would like all you fighter aces out there to take a look:

Dash – 58pts

  • See above

Lt. Blount – 25pts

  • Ion Pulse Missiles
  • Wingman
  • Stealth Device

Tala Squadron Pilot – 17pts

  • Ion Pulse Missiles
  • Munitions Failsafe






I like the 3 ship build. I also like the (almost) guaranteed Ion hits. The extra ability to drop stress is just a bonus. They are fast and agile and can get in the way. Plus they are cheap!

I’ve heard good things about the damage capabilities of Corran Horn as well so I put this one together:

Dash 58pts

  • See above

Corran Horn 42pts

  • R2 Astromech
  • Fire-Control System
  • Engine Upgrade


Corran Horn is a death-dealer in this setup. The Fire-Control system means that his second attack in the same round gets a free target lock for re-rolls. The Engine upgrade makes him just as squirrely as Dash and paired with the R2 he will be able to dump extra stress and still maintain some options when moving close (speeds 1 and 2). I’d love to put Push the Limit on him – but I’m not sure I want to drop anything to do it.


Another build I’ve been playing with is Ten Numb. His ability with the new Mangler Cannon is just plain mean.

Dash 58pts

  • See above

Ten Numb – 42pts

  • Mangler Cannon
  • Experimental Interface
  • Expert Handling

Ten-numb-Mangler build


I like this load out because it uses a B-Wing’s barrel roll to ditch enemy target locks. It also takes advantage of the synergy of Ten’s ability and the Mangler cannon really well. I’m not sure I like this build however. I feel like there is some optimization to be had here but I can’t put my finger on it.

The last thing I was thinking of was swapping the Heavy Laser Cannon on Dash for the Mangler Cannon. It frees up 3 points and lets me put that toward the wingman (or wingmen). So, what do you think?

Okay BoLS Readers / X-Wing Aces, the flood gates are open! I’m asking for YOUR help so let me know your thoughts in the comments below – AdamHarry OUT!

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