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New Warlord Pictures – Forge World Teaser

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May 11 2015

Forge World skipped right to the money shot today, and come see the latest on the Warlord Titan.

If anyone was on the fence about what this thing was, we should be able to agree now that this is the head assembly to the forthcoming Warlord Titan Model.

Via Forge World Bulletin #59

The massive project in the Forge World Studio has moved on, with painting nearing completion. We can’t be too far away from seeing the finished article now! Take a look at what I caught sight of this week…

The latest sub-assembly, with paintwork very near to completion.


Strangely Forge World has not even mention what this is by name yet, but has allowed all of us to fill in the blanks with our imaginations. Genius!


Wow, that will be a big model for sure. I can’t wait to see the rest of it! Word on the street is they are getting the first model ready for it’s grand unveiling at the re-opening of Warhammer World in May!

Checkout these rules updates from Apocalypse 1.0 for a taste of what we may see firepower wise from this behemoth shortly.

Warlord Titan Roundup

The Warlord will walk soon! 

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