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Warmachine Batrep – Haley2 vs. Deneghra2

May 25 2015


The nightmarish minions of Cryx and their Cephalyx allies lead by the dreaded Wraith Witch Deneghra take the fight to the noble defenders of Cygnar and Deneghra’s own sister; Major Victoria Haley.

Howdy folks!  It’s Trevy the Great here again from Way of the Swan with another sweet battle report for you all!  This time it’s Cygnar vs. their old enemies; the nightmare empire of Cyx itself!  Two siblings fighting, even, because it’s Victoria Haley vs. her sister Deneghra!  Deneghra is bringing a theme force to the field for this game; her No Quarter tier “Body and Soul,” complete with Cephalyx allies and their mindless Drudge minions!



If you liked the report, remember that there are plenty more available on my YouTube channel.  Enjoy!



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