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X-Wing: Top 5 Ships That NEED Models

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May 19 2015



FFG, we’re all the way to Wave SEVEN. These ships need models and rules NOW! Lets take a look!

1) CRF-156T aka Raven’s claw – This is the second ship for the legendary Kyle Katarn as his first ship the HWK-290 aka “Moldy Crow” was destroyed/crashed/abandoned later in the series. This ship has a much sleeker design than the HWK-290 but could still function as a “support” type ship as it has no obvious weapon platforms on it. Plus, it just looks cool.



2) Alpha Class XG-1 Starwing – The Starwing was one of the Empires first real “Gunboat” type star-fighters. It was designed by Cygnus Spaceworks, the same company that developed the Lambda Class Shuttle. It was also equipped with a Hyper drive which allowed the Starwings to function independently of Star Destroyers, making them idea for scouting/recon and also long distance Raids. The extra shields and armor allowed it to go head-on vs rebel ships. It favored bold, spearhead maneuvers instead of the standard Imperial TIE fighters agile dance. It’s basically the A-10 of the Empire. Look at those dual missile hardpoints and it sports a secondary weapon as well!

XG1- Starwing



3) Ye-4 Gunship – This is another Imperial Gunship that has been around the block. Mainly used to patrol the Kessel System, this ship could also be a great addition to the Scum and Villany faction. Pirates love to re-purpose tech and this ship could be another dual faction ship. It’s got a unique look with a vertical wing and under-mounted turret. It reminds me of a cat-fish… but in a “I’m-too-tough-to-care” way.

Ye4 gunship


4) Tie Hunter – Because we always needs more TIE variants, amirite?! But seriously this the TIE Hunters were developed by the Empire as a direct counter to X-Wings. These bad boats even have S-Foils so they could “open-up” for attack position. They also had hyperdrives and shields so they could also be used a bit more independently from the main fleet. On top of all the upgrades, they look pretty cool – and that’s good enough reason for me to think they should have a model!

TIE Hunter


5) GAT- 12 Skipray Blastboat – Was the smallest hyperspace capable ship in the Imperial Navy. However, most of the Empires tactical doctrine focused more on large scale fleet battles and a “quantity-over-quality” style of fighting. It also had to compete with other ships like the Ye-4 and the Starwing for Imperial contracts. It’s manufacturers, seeing the writing on the wall, began to sell the ship on the open market where they proved their worth as Outer Rim patrol ships…and often times as back-bone for smuggling fleets. It’s tough, independent and reliable. It would be a great addition to the Imperial or Scum and Villainy factions.


Skip Ray


Bonus: Rogue Shadow – I’m including this as a bonus ship instead of one of the ‘Top Five’ for the following reasons: It’s from the right time period, but it’s from the “Force Unleashed” time line. And while parts of the “Force Unleashed” may be in-canon, due to player choice, parts are definitely not canon. If you want to fall down a wiki-hole (or in this case a wookie-hole) go ahead and read up on Force Unleashed, Force Unleashed 2Galen Marek and the alternate timeline/DLC you could play through. It’s interesting but it also highlights why I’m glad the EU is a “separate” thing. Plus Clones. I’m getting dizzy from all the eye-rolls I’m doing thinking about “Clone Stories” in the Star Wars universe. BAH! Lets just say I have mixed feelings about it. BUT – aside from all of that, the Rogue Shadow is a freakin-cool ship. I mean, it’s cool enough that I wanted to include it even with the convoluted crap  “history” it has. Just look at it!

Rogue Shadow


What do you think?! What ships would you like to see get models for X-Wing and what factions would they be in? Let us in know in the comments below! AdamHarry, OUT!

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