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Dark Angels Codex – Review

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Jun 29 2015


True sons of Caliban rejoice! Come see the new Dark Angels Space Marine codex close up! The highly anticipated new Dark Angels codex is here, and just like the Space Marine codex the early reviews are GOOD! This new book ported over a lot of the same new awesome mechanics and rules from the Space Marine book.

Couple that with the normal flavor of the First Legion, and this book is another home run for Games Workshop.

A new 160 page book has been forged for the sons of the lion, once again resplendent with great layouts, tons of new artwork, and of course beautiful three quarter shots of all the units that the Dark Angels can muster!

The book itself is divided into four HUGE sections, fluff  (History, Background on their successor chapters, the fallen, etc), unit datasheets/ formations/detachments, painted minis gallery, and the rules appendices.

Perhaps the coolest looking of the Space Marines themselves, The Dark Angels are the reason most of us are playing the game currently! Now they finally have a great set of rules for the first time since 1999! Once again between the layouts, paint schemes, and the ‘eavy Metal gallery – this is just as beautiful of a looking book as the new Space Marine codex itself!



The new Dark Angels codex brings us the rules for a new ‘Decurion’ type detachment called the Lions Blade Strike Force (that can give you a ton of free units just like the Gladius Strike force), new Dark Angels wargear/weapon options, and their accompanying detachments/formations. Just like with past ‘Decurions’ these formations are interchangeable with the Lions Blade Strike Force, as well as being perfectly fine to take on their own


Both the Ravenwing and Deathwing now have special rules that are pretty useful in game as well.

Overall this is a great book. Seems like it will be hard for Games Workshop to top this one folks!  

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