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Eldar Tactics: Craftworld Wargear & Psychics

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Jun 18


There’s TONS of AWESOME things in the newEldar book! Today we check out the new Wargear, and Psychics abilities of the pointy-ears!

Mostly everyone can agree the new Eldar Codex is vastly improved over it’s last 6th Edition incarnation, but certain aspects of the new book have been getting a lot of heat from hobbyists.

When I do a review of a new book I love to start at the Wargear / Special rules sections, and work my way forward to the units themselves, that way I’m not flipping incessantly from the front to the back looking everything up.




The Winners;

  • Eldar Psychic Tree
  • Aspect Warriors Wargear, Specifically the Swooping Hawk wings, and Warp Spider Jump Generators.
  • New Remnants of Battle
  • Star Engines
  • Ghost Glaive (Wraithguard)

The losers;

  • Laser Lock (Scatter Laser)
  • Holofields
  • Mantle of the Laughing God
  • Eldar Psychic Tree

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