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Hail to the King – 40K’s Next Unbelievable List

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Jun 12 2015
I present “The Blue Tide”, proof positive that 40K Formations have officially jumped the shark!

The Blue Tide is based on a simple idea –  that being able to use Formations to get free stuff is awesome, so we should get AS MUCH of it as possible.  This army isn’t sexy, in fact its all dull meat and potatoes units.  But, thanks to the “miracle” of the Gladius Strike force fielding dual Demi-companies, this entire force is both Objective Secured and fields a SHOCKING 33% free units.
Let’s say that again, in a roughly 1000pt game, you will have about 1500pts of units on the table.  In a roughly 2000pt game, you will be fielding about 3000pts versus your opponents 2000.  This army doesn’t win by fancy maneuvering, it wins by sheer attrition, and objective swarming.

Welcome to “The Blue Tide”

DETACHMENT: Gladius Strike Force 1-2 Core, 1+ Auxiliary (All Objective Secured)
Battle Demi-Company One (Core Choice 1)
1 Captain (90)
Tac (70)
Tac (70)
Tac (70)
Assault (70)
Dev (70, 0HBs)
440pts – Grants  4 free Razorbacks 1 free Drop Pod/Rhino ( BONUS 255pts )

Battle Demi-Company Two (Core Choice 1)

1 Chaplain (90)
Tac (70)
Tac (70)
Tac (70)
Assault (70)
Dev (70, 0HBs)
440pts Grants  4 free Razorbacks 1 free Drop Pod/Rhino ( BONUS 255pts )
+ Suppression Force (Auxiliary Choice 1)
2 Whirlwind (130)
1 Land Speeder (45)
Detachment total: 1055pts
Actual points in models: 1565pts
“Free Bonus” points in models: 510pts
22 Objective Secured Units
9HBs (8 are TL)
2 Whirlwinds
Now Double that at a bit over 2000pts.
Detachment total: 2110pt
Actual points in models: 3130pts
“Free” points in models: 1020pts
44 Objective Secured Units
18HBs (16 are TL)
4 Whirlwinds
Of course you could drop the second pair of Demi Battle Companies and load up on other formations – your mileage may vary 🙂


~BOOM – Razorspam is back with a vengeance. And you all thought Wave Serpents were bad…


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