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It Came From the Sky – Marine Drop Pod Changes!

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Jun 07


Drop_podsThe marine flood gates are starting to open, and we’re seeing more and more rules. Checkout the latest!

More screen grabs from the digital edition are making the rounds, and it’s GOOD!

Via Spikey Bits Hobbies Page 06-07-2015

fa pods

If you were stressing about getting your new Grav Devastators and Centurions into battle, the Drop pod is now a Fast Attack choice for the codex. No more making deals with Team Edward or Jacob to hitch a ride!

Pictures via Forge The Narrative (Facebook) and BoLS


Lysander Stats 2015


Looks like he comes standard with the Iron Resolve Warlord Trait and the Fist of Dorn Chapter Relic – I’m betting once we get to see the rest of his special rules the points cost will make more sense. Anyone else think he’s still going to be packing the Str 10 attacks?

Lysander Model Art

We also got a look at this strange new ‘art’ piece of Lysander.

It looks like a mix between digital and painted like some of the Horus Heresy covers.

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