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New Devastators – White Dwarf #71 Review

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Jun 07


White Dwarf #71 is here, come see the new Devastators, formations and more!

If you love Space Marines, this is the issue for you! This week the White Dwarf team is showcasing the new Devastators, Codex books, and new rules confirmations. That’s right, the new Space Marines are HERE!


If you were waiting for a reason to finally pull the trigger on some Devastators, now may be the time!

Once again Games Workshop is tight chested with the new Devastator rules. I guess we have to wait to get them along with the new Assault Squad rules when the codex releases next week!


Tighten up your new heavy weapon squad, with the latest fresh techniques from this week’s Paint Splatter article.

As far as the teaser goes, we’ve already seen the new Librarian and Chaplain pictures for next week via spoilers.



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