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New Forge World: Warlord Titan Gets MORE Dangerous!

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Jun 30 2015


 The latest Forge World Bulletin is here today, and it looks like they have more on the way for the Warlord Titan!

Via Forge World

You might have noticed that something exceptionally huge deployed onto the Forge World website last week. The Mars pattern Warlord Titan is available to order now and people haven’t been shy about doing so! You can currently arm your Warlord with two Belicosa Volcano Cannon and a pair of Laser Blasters, and hearing a rumour that more weapon options weren’t too far off, I tracked down a new set of carapace-mounted weapons in the Forge World Studio. As the carapace-mounted weapons don’t need to be glued into place they can be swapped with the Laser Blasters in seconds!
The Warlord is so huge that it can be hard to grasp the sheer scale of it. In the Warhammer World Exhibition Centre they have not one but two fully painted Warlord Titans on display, plus there’s another unpainted one in the Forge World Store. They really have to be seen in the flesh to get the full impact, but here’s a look at the display of Imperial Titans so you can get an idea.
Well that’s cool that the shoulder weapons are hot swapable. I guess all that’s left is the second head option now, and of course a version of the Warlord titan bent to the fell powers of Chaos MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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